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Escaping to Nocturnan disguised as a boy was a great idea...or was it?

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Book One


Buckle your seatbelt—the adventure starts here! In this extraordinarily fun fantasy story, Anslie Dawn switches places with Tucker Sullivan to help him escape his miserable life as an orphan. Disguised as a boy, she is sent to the ancient orphanage Nocturnan where she must keep her identity hidden. There she meets Xander Bump and his friends who call themselves the Mighty Men. Together they explore the gardens of Nocturnan and play the Garden Game late into the night against their rivals, the Nighthawks. Anslie is oddly drawn to this strange place and her new friend, the mysterious Xander. For the first time in her life, she is happy—until everything is shaken, forcing her to unravel the mystery of the Ninth Garden. Loaded with plot twists and lots of humor, this story will captivate you. Discover the mystery of Nocturnan... a strange place. Even stranger after Anslie meets Bump in the night.

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Book 2

FastFlight 540: Stuart Bump 


Hang on tight! The adventure continues! 

Xander is fighting the Shadow Wars and Anslie has gone into hiding at Drury Academy with her son, Stuart. An explosion has split the sky! A flash of light brighter than any that had ever been seen by human eyes has torn through the atmosphere and lit everything with a blue light, eerie and foreboding. No one heard the explosion nor saw the light, but something has changed. Somewhere a door has been unlocked.Someone has opened it.


One dark, dreadful shadow has slipped through unchallenged. Then another… and another… The shadows are coming! What can be done? Only someone who is from both worlds, N.O.D. and L.O.R., can lock the door again—someone like Stuart Bump.

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Gardens of Nocturnan

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Allow me to introduce myself. I’m M.M.Mesldorf known for my research of the Bump family — their odd origins, quirkiness, gifts, talents, and purported behaviors, as well as their extraordinary lives. Although millions have met the Bump family — no one remembers them. Perhaps you’ve met them, too, and reading FastFlight 540 will jog your memory about this remarkable family. In my first book, Bump in the Night, you’ll be introduced to Xander Bump, unless, of course, you've already met…


Here's What Reviewers Are Saying...

“FastFlight 540 is a charming read with meaningful lessons in conquering one’s fears. The reader will feel like they're being told a story by their parents, filled with twists and turns and whimsy!”

—Elizabeth Santorum, New York Times Best Selling Author of “Bella’s Gift”

“A fantasy adventure tale for children and young adults alike, FastFlight 540 is a stellar start to the Bump in the Night series. Full of heart, humor, and heroics, the narrative pulls you in from the first page, and you struggle to put it down until you've finished reading the book.”

—Pikasho Deka, “Readers’ Favorite”, 5 star review

“Mesldorf creates a vivid tale that excels in nonstop action and twists of plot to keep events unpredictable... a 'can't-put-it-down' read. The result is an uplifting, inviting story of evolving friendships, loss, and battles, both within and in the world.”

—D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Author M. M. Mesldorf has created a stunning world for the characters to explore…FastFlight 540 is a strong opening for what promises to be an exciting series.”

—K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite, 5 star review

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