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  • Who is M.M. Mesldorf?
    M. M. Mesldorf is known for studying the Bump family—their odd origins, quirkiness, gifts, talents, and purported behaviors, as well as their extraordinary lives. Perhaps you’ve met someone in the Bump family. Millions have, but when interviewed by Mesldorf—no one remembered them...
  • How many gardens are there at Nocturnan?
    There are eight gardens that everyone is aware of, but M. M. Mesldorf has evidence that suggests there could be nine.
  • What is a FastFlight 540?
    FastFlight 540is the fastest FastFlight in the entire fleet. It’s called a 540 because it travels 540 quantum megajourneys through 54 Terrible Tunnels to get to Nocturnan.
  • What signals the start of the Garden Game?
    The Garden Game starts at the first call of the loon after sunset.
  • What are the categories that Lena Bean used to cross reference M.M. Mesldorf’s research on the Bump family?
    Lena Bean’s Categories for Mesldorf’s Bump research: Best Book for Kids, Best Book for Anyone, Action & Adventure Mystery Chapter Books, Book that Makes Children Laugh, Fantasy Mystery Friendship Books, Leadership Books for Kids, Fiction Middle Grade Fantasy Chapter Books, Great Chapter Books for Middle Schoolers, Inspirational Kids Fantasy Books, Fiction Chapter Book for Kids, Book about Orphans, Teen Fantasy Books, Books about Dreams and Friendship, Chapter Books about Values and Virtues, Chapter Books for Kids Who Love to Read, Fiction Christian Mystery Chapter Books, Reluctant Reader Middle School Books, Good Books for Reluctant Readers, Fantasy Chapter Books for Kids, Fiction Chapter Books, Books for Gifted Children, Books that Aren't Boring, Books for Kids Who Aren't Boring, Books That Make Depressed Children Laugh, Chapter Books for Reluctant Readers, 4th 5th 6th Grade Chapter Books, Best Middle School Fantasy Books, High School Fantasy Books, Best Fantasy Books for Mom and Dad, Christian Fantasy Chapter Book, Fantasy Gifted Advanced Reader Books, Books For Kids Who Are Unhappy on How to be Happy, Kids Books about Emotions and Feelings, Books for Kids Who Don’t Want to Read, Books for Kids with Anxiety, Books for Unhappy Kids on Being Happy, Fun Books for Kids with Depression, Fun Fantasy Adventure Books for Kids, Good Homeschool Chapter Books, Good Pure Fun Books, Great Books For Summer Reading, Great Chapter Books for Kids, Humorous Kids Books That Makes Kids Laugh, Lessons on Leadership for Kids, Really Fun Fiction Books, Most Fun Book Ever — and more…
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